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As a runner in the upcoming event, I've been trying to weigh the merits of using sunglasses vs. ski goggles.

From my vantage point:
Pros: Lightweight, breathable (i.e. little fogging), compact when not wearing them (at night, unless my future's so bright I gotta...), ability to easily change lenses for conditions--bright, dull light, etc.
Cons: Not much warmth provided, not as sturdy when packed, less skin coverage, could break more easily in extreme cold

Pros: Much warmer, provides more skin protection
Cons: Bulky, heavier, could impede with headlamp if worn at night, inability to change lenses easily

I know I want some type of eye coverage, but I'm unsure which direction to go. Bring/use both??

Does anyone have a point of view on this topic, particularly as it relates to runners? Thanks very much for your opinions either way!

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it's been decades since I ran unless chased, 

that said, I'm only offering opinions, since no one else has. 


As you say, sunglasses are really lightweight, so take both. 

don't bother with multiple lenses for the googles, just go with
clear (night time) lenses, and wear your sunglasses under'em 
when needed 

Just a thought


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I always wear sunglasses when running. Googles are to hot. The only advantage I could see with googles is if it were windy and its not windy on the Arrowhead.

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Taking good care of your eyes and face is one of the toughest challenges of the Arrowhead 135 if we have a cold race.  Check out the Arrowhead 135 Facebook page, there is some excellent advice given.

Ken Krueger
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