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Hey everybody--

I'm flying into Int'l Falls Saturday before the race and I need a sled (running division). I'll have everything else needed (poles, harness, cordage, 'biners, etc.).

I see four options:
1. Buy one upon arrival at K-Mart, Menards, et. al.
2. Buy one from the Ed the pulk guy for delivery.
3. Have one drop-shipped to my hotel.
4. Borrow a used sled.

I won't have tools--drill, etc.--to make the necessary adjustments to the sled but can obtain those upon arrival.

Opinions? Thanks!

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I would gladly borrow you my sled since I plan on riding this year, but I don't know how I would get it back from you. Unless you are planning on going thru Duluth.
I made this latest version in the parking lot of the I falls K-mart a couple of years ago after discovering a crack in my sled. All I used was a leatherman to punch some holes and it worked great.
The point is you don't have to spend a lot of money or time to build a very workable sled
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