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Salsa Beargrease 2014 Carbon Frameset

Large, 19"

Riders 5'10" to 6'4"

Contact me if you are ready to upgrade from your fatbike or ready to ride the 'F35' Stealth Jet of the Snow Biking World!

Why are you selling?
I'm 5'8" and bought the wrong size. This BG was my upgrade from a very cool steel frame Surly Black Ops (AH135, 2x and Tusc150, 1x). 

How much would a new Salsa BG Carbon XX1 Bike cost?
SRP are $5600 for a Large or XL frames. SRP for Small or Medium are ~$4675.

Will you consider my ridiculous and juvenile low-ball offer?

FRAMESET only $1999.00  OBO

What is the mileage?
Only 50 miles: Grocery store and Elementary School both about .25 to .33 miles from my house.

How was it stored? Any snow or trail miles?
Garage Stored. ZERO off-road. ZERO snow exposure.

How about Arrowhead 135 and Tuscobia 150?
Yes, my plan is to sell the BG and immediately replace it with another fat bike for this season's Order of the Hrimthurs attempt.

Key words: 9:Zero:7 whiteout, carbon fat bike, borealis yampa, surly Pugsley, black ops, salsa mukluk, echo, Trek Farley, fatbike, 

Photos on craigslist


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